How To: iPad iOS 4.2 Update for Non-Devs (In 5 Easy Steps)

19 Sep

Step 1: Back up your iPad.

Step 2: Download the firmware restore file:
Step 3: Connect your iPad to iTunes.
Step 4: Hold the alt key (shift if you are a windows user) and click "SEARCH FOR UPDATES".
Step 5: Locate and select the file you've just downloaded.


Don't worry about UDID stuff or paying the 99 bucks a year for having a developer account. Do it this way and it will work!

NOTE: When I first tried it my iPad wouldn't boot up as iTunes told me I wasn't a developer. The reason why I couldn't activate it is because I chose to alt+"RESTORE" instead of alt+"SEARCH FOR UPDATES".

Game center, folders, multitasking… My iPad is so much more awesome right now 🙂

Do it at your own risk and keep in mind that you will not be able to jailbreak it (yet)




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