How to make a DIY Kettlebell-like “T-Handle” using an old Scooter #4HB

1 Feb



The perfect replacement for expensive kettlebells. Let’s swing!

How To Break Open a Zip-Locked Suitcase (and seal it back to cover evidence)

30 Jan


Tim Ferriss -The 4-Hour Body at Amazon UK

19 Jan

Loving this book. I’m posting photos of my Slow Carb Diet meals on

Completing Dropbox’s Dropquest for 1GB EXTRA SPACE

17 Jan

How to complete Dropquest 2011 using the minimum number of steps required

Just follow these steps in the correct order. If there’s a link, click it; if not, just do what it says.

  3. Clicking here will solve the puzzle in step 6 for you
  4. Enter “33739”
  5. Clicking here will solve the sudoku in step 10 for you
  8. Enter “baff1e”
  9. Enter “Drew Houston”
  10. Share a new folder named “1F75CC” with
  14. Enter “badcabbage”
  15. Enter “1133471056”
  16. Enter “Dr0pbox heaRts U”

Following these steps, it should be pretty easy to beat my score by a factor of 100. Enjoy!

I have 20gb now!!!

Canon EOS Rebel T2i / 550D Under $700 at Amazon (Awesome Deal)

29 Dec

This is the DSLR camera that I use and it’s totally awesome. It is for sale on Amazon right now, pretty good timing for those who got cash as christmas present. Check it out here:

Magic Lantern for Canon 550d / t2i Custom Firmware

18 Dec

The Chinese 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection (USB + Card Reader)

15 Dec

Will buy one of these.

Just Installed Viber to make free calls from my iPhone

3 Dec

Whatsapp for text messages, tango for video calls and now viber. Install all of them!

Zoom Q3HD Flip-Style Cam + Audio Recorder

2 Dec

Turn any Pen into an iPad friendly Capacitive Stylus

1 Dec